Bormio: Outdoor Paradise

Numerous activities are on offer during summer

Bormio, in summer, has something for everyone.


Those who enjoy rock-climbing can challenge themselves outdoors on the natural cliffs: we recommend those of Isolaccia, Cancano, Bagni Vecchi or Trela. For bad-weather days, there are three indoor rock-climbing walls, in Valfurva, Valdidentro and Valdisotto.


Contact the Alpine Guides of Ortler Cevedale, Mountain Experience or Alta Valtellina for further information about rock-climbing or to organise a guided climbing excursion.


If you want to try something completely different, we recommend Husky Trekking, the summer version of sled-dog riding: a walk with the Husky dogs at Arnoga.

Other activities on offer in Bormio during summer include:

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