Snowshoes and ski touring in Alta Valtellina

Slower snowsports and a close contact with nature

Winter sport in Bormio is not all about skiing, but also snowshoes and ski touring in direct contact with nature.

Immersed in the Stelvio National Park, you can enjoy splendid snowshoe excursions in the forests, or ski touring excursions with a local Alpine Guide. If you are a snowshoe enthusiast, numerous evocative itineraries await you, including Val Viola, Val Zebrù, Bormio 2000, Oga.


If you are a snowshoe neophyte, don’t worry, you can rent everything you need from the sports shops in Bormio and the surrounding towns, and you can make your first snowshoe excursions on the easy, well- marked trials of Santa Caterina Valfurva. We suggest you start with the “Percorso dei Fiocchi” which leaves from La Fonte in Santa Caterina and takes you through the forests of Nassegno; and the Sentiero Paradiso (“Paradise Trail”), which takes you to Plaghera, not far from the road of the Gavia Pass.


If, on the other hand, you are a fan of ski touring, in winter you can enjoy relaxing excursions near the ski area of Oga-San Colombano…and in spring, starting from the Forni Refuge above Santa Caterina Valfurva, a whole new world opens up, with glaciers, breathtaking panoramas and legendary peaks.


Contact us, we are happy to recommend an Alpine Guide who can accompany you.

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