The breakfast

Homemade products and km 0 to start a new day in Bormio

At Olimpia Hotel B&B Bormio, breakfast is an important event, to be enjoyed in peace before starting your day.


The Martinelli family wishes to help you taste nature’s gifts right from the start of the day. We offer a wide choice of genuine local products, sourced, where possible, from km zero.


A vast buffet, with both sweet and savoury selections, awaits you every morning, whatever time you wake up, so there is no need for you to rush. Take your time, and when you arrive you will always find fresh products straight out of the oven.


Homemade cakes and biscuits, croissants, a selection of different breads, jams made from seasonal fruits, honey from the high mountains, and much more awaits you in the breakfast room of Olimpia Hotel B&B Bormio.


The Martinelli family is passionate about the hotel and active in all areas. They devote much care and energy to the preparation of breakfast, aware that the palate, too, needs attention!


If you have special needs, please let us know so that we can cater for your needs. The buffet offers ample choice; for those who prefer savoury breakfast with eggs, bacon, cold cuts and more; or for those, such as athletes, who require a breakfast to fuel their sporting activities.


Do you have any food intolerances? We can provide gluten-free products or plant-based milks on request.


Looking forward to trying our breakfast delicacies?

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